West Coast Trail Extreme Challenge

TBD West Coast Trail 1 Day Challenge

      Complete the 83 KM West Coast
      Trail in 24 Hours
       July, 2013
      West Coast Trail BC

    If you would like a real challenge and you are proud of what BC has to offer. Come join us July 2013 to run the west coast trail in 1 day. Yes that's right, all 83km in one day. This challenge is NOT for beginners, this is a extreme challenge that is NOT for everyone. This challenge is very extreme and very dangerous. This challenge will take several months on training to prepare and is NOT a last minute decision. If you would like to start training for this challenge contact info@totalbodydevelopment.ca.

GO for the Challenge, these fellow adventurers did!

Running the West Coast Trail, David-Crerar
"Running the WCT" a photo essay by Joe Grant
Active Life Multisport WCT in 1 day

If you need any additional information please feel free to contact Blake 778 839 1172. If anyone has any friends that are interested please forward this email to them or give them my contact information.

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